20 Useful Q and A Sites for Project Managers

Published by admin on Thu May 12, 2011

One of the most useful skills you can have is the ability to manage projects. If you are able to organize people and resources so that different projects can be accomplished, you can be a valuable resource in a number of situations. Being able to manage people, budgets, materials and other aspects of projects can provide you with a job that can rewarding as well as challenging.

However, as you learn to be a better project manager, it can help to have access to resources that can provide you with information to help you improve your skills as a project manager. The Internet can help you find information on best practices, and help you learn more about time management and about budget management. Find out about various principles related to project management, and how to apply those principles to your work. Here are 20 great sites that project managers can use for reference:

General Project Management

Learn about best practices, leadership and different types of management. General information about project management can be found on these sites, as well as helpful tips and ideas.

  1. BetterManagement.com: Answers questions about management and project management. Get information on best practices, have your leadership questions answered, and learn about more.
  2. Q&A: Project Management and Coordination: Some great answers to questions about project management. Learn about coordination, and learn about inspiring work. Find out about project design, and leadership. Plenty of great information.
  3. Project Management Best Practices: Great tips and answers to questions about project management and best practices. You can get great ideas from experienced project managers. This resource is helpful and interesting for all sorts project managers.
  4. Project Management Questions and Answers: Detailed resource answers questions about project management. You can learn about projects and change, and how to implement a successful project. A great way to learn more about good project management.
  5. Project Management Q&A: Answers.com has a project management Q&A wiki. You can read what others have to say about project management and provide your own insights. This is a great question and answer site that allows you to interact with other project managers and gain from others’ experience.
  6. Adventures in Project Management: A great blog that answers a number of questions about project management. Learn about more effective practices, and find out how to communicate with others, and improve your abilities.
  7. Project Management Q&A: Cool Facebook page that helps you get questions about project management. Post up a question about project management and get an answer.
  8. Project Management 101: Learn more about project management from this great resource. Includes answers to questions many project managers might have. Looks at the basics of project management, and includes resources related to time management, budget management, productivity and more.

Time Management

Learn how to manage time better. Find out more about scheduling, organization and more. Get tips on better time management and effectively managing project deadlines.

  1. Time Management: Learn more about time management and how you can better take advantage of the time you have. Tips, skills and answers to questions about time management skills.
  2. Time Management that Works: Get answers to questions about time management. Find out more about what you can do to increase your productivity and others’ productivity. Plenty of great advice and answers.
  3. Six Time Management Tips for Project Managers: Learn more about what it takes to be a good project manager. Manage your time more effectively so that you can be productive — and encourage your team to be productive. Great answers from Project Smart.
  4. Project Time Management: Great information on managing time as a project manager. Questions about better use of time are answered, and it can help you to learn more about management. Learn techniques that can help you.
  5. Project Manager Interview – Time Management: Get answers to questions you might have had about time management. A great resource for project managers who are looking to learn more about time management and productivity. Find out more about project management and schedules.
  6. Time Management: The Free Management Library offers insights into time management. Takes a look at some of the questions many have about time management, and how you can be more productive. You have access to tips on time management, and reducing stress.

Budget Management

Project managers need to keep tabs on expenses. Learn some great principles of money management. Budget management is an essential skills related to projects, and you can find out more about it online.

  1. Project Budget Management: Find out more about managing budgets on projects. Answer questions about project budget management. A great resource that can help you with ongoing budget management while you keep your finances on track.
  2. Delivering Under Budget in your Project Management Life Cycle: If you have questions about how you can deliver under budget, this resource can help. Find answers to questions about budgeting and learn more about being a better project manager.
  3. Creating your project budget: Where to begin?: If you don’t know where to begin with creating a project budget, you can use the answers in this resource. A great resource answering questions about budgets for project managers.
  4. Budgeting Principles: If you have questions about basic budgeting principles, this is a great resource. This site focusing on sport and recreation management also includes solid information about budgeting that can help you as you manage project budgets and work to succeed as a project manager. A great resource.
  5. Principles of Resource Planning & Resource Management: Project managers can benefit from having answers about resource planning and resource management. If you want to learn about better budgeting for your project, this resource can provide you with answers. Learn more more about budgeting and resource allocation.
  6. Budgeting: Planning for success: This is a great resource from the Principles of Accounting. You can learn the basics of budgets, and use the information to better prepare yourself as a project manager. Learn more about money, resources and how to better allocate them. A good, in-depth resource related to budgeting, resources and helpful in project management.

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