25 Best Project Management Blogs You Aren’t Reading Yet

Published by Madison on Tue January 25, 2011

If you’re seeking ideas for your project management scheme, you probably look at project management blogs on the Internet. We’ve helped you out by scouring the Web to find some of the newest blogs about project management in a wide range of fields such as IT, systems software, consultants and more. The blogs were created on or after October 2009, and some of them are gems. Bookmark them for ideas, resources and solutions.


  1. Business ManData X Stream: DataXstream is an SAP Systems Integration and Consulting firm with over 14 years experience implementing SAP solutions. They offer a blog that looks at systems integration and architecture (October).
  2. Managing the Work: This blog is run by the Daptiv team and is written for individuals who seek to improve the management of work in their organizations, whether execs, managers or team members. The Daptiv team builds solutions to help organizations work more efficiently and collaboratively across roles, departments and time zones to get the work done (October).
  3. Project Management That Works! Rick A. Morris, PMP, is an ITIL Practitioner, consultant, author, mentor, and owner of R2 Consulting. Rick is an accomplished project manager and public speaker. His appetite for knowledge and passion for the profession makes him a sought after speaker at PMI chapters, civic organizations, and a frequent guest lecturer at local universities (October).
  4. BradEgeland.com: If you decide to seek out Brad’s services, what you will get is an experienced professional who is more interested in actually understanding your true needs, how you got to where you are now, and what will satisfy you in the end. Read his blog to learn more about his methods (November).
  5. Papercut Edge: Project management has been around a long time but for every one company that’s project management “aware,” there are thousands of companies who aren’t. Geoff Crange’s goal on the web is to help people learn about portfolio, program and project planning, and why it’s so important (November).


  1. Management Scholarship Academy: This blog is a place to share useful and interesting articles on project management and people skills with budding project managers, especially in India. PSA also wants to make MS Academy blog the project managers’ forum to share your project management success stories, pain points and unique solutions (January).
  2. PM SNACK: Mykola Dudar became a program manager in 2004 with a focus on process and the business side of software engineering. His blog is about program and project management in software engineering. (January).
  3. Project File: This blog is part of a larger site filled with blogs, feeds, downloads, books and more for project managers. Although the site blog is out of date, the other blogs on this site are current (January).
  4. The Hard-Nosed Project Manager: Patrick Richard is project manager and technical lead in a wide variety of applications centered on pharma, biotech, food, and beverage manufacturing. This is his blog, filled with his thoughts about project management and resources (January).
  5. Business ManProject Management Success: This site aims to offer information for those getting started in Project Management or following up on becoming qualified through recognized certifications such as a Project Management Professional (PMP, PMBOK) or Prince2 Practitioner (Prince2) in the UK (February).
  6. APM: The Association for Project Management blog is committed to developing and promoting project and program management through its Five Dimensions of Professionalism. The association is a registered charity with over 18,000 individual and 500 corporate members making it the largest professional body of its kind in Europe (March).
  7. Blog: Project Management: This blog helps you improve your project management by providing articles, opinions, commentary and many related resources. The blog is for a general audience, including beginners and those advanced in project management (March).
  8. i-nexus: This business execution system launched a blog last year that holds few blog entries, but includes a range of white papers, Webinars, and other best practice resources. Visitors to this site also are able to view demos of the latest release of i-nexus’s ground breaking Business Execution Platform (March).
  9. One Less Cut In A Thousand: About, because of, for, or involving technology, project delivery, unintended consequences. “Tends towards old man grumpiness with a permanent fascination with stupidity at all levels” (March).
  10. PMO Perspectives: ESI International maintains this blog. ESI International helps people around the world improve the way they manage their projects, contracts, requirements and vendors through innovative learning. This blog is to re-enforce our commitment to the industry and provide a useful tool to the PMO Community (March).
  11. Programme and Project Management Community: This blog provides a place for all program and project management blogs that are available today. Feedback, comments and various ratings systems have been set up to ensure that the PPM Community (and, ultimately the project and program management blogosphere) pass on their thoughts about the blogs they read everything (March).
  12. Project Management At Work: This is a MindEdge resource for project management. MindEdge is an innovative, educational content provider of online training and courseware to colleges, universities, associations, and corporations (April).
  13. Around the Chaos: ATC is about is about Enterprise Technology. Technology can help getting around the chaos, if leveraged correctly. The rate at which technology evolves, to say the least is phenomenal…from collaboration and communication to administration and governance, “technology touches and improvises everything” (May).
  14. Chris Le Compte: Chris owns Cavendo and works at Web design project management and information architecture(June).
  15. Business MeetingProject Management Review: Son Nguyen, PMP, PMI-RMP works as a project manager and has managed various ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) projects in chemical, telecommunication and transportation industries. He shares his personal experience in project management in this blog, in taking PMI credentials to be a PMP, PMI-RMP (June).
  16. The Practicing IT Project Manager: This site was created as a resource for project managers, program managers, business analysts, and portfolio managers, including those who work in IT departments, those who work for IT solution vendors, and those who offer their services as consultants. Students are welcome, but the focus will be on practitioners of the craft of project management (June).
  17. PM Technix: Bruce Lofland has been a Project Manager in the Kansas City area since 1999 and a certified PMP since 2007. He was a software developer for many years before that on a wide variety of platforms. PM Technix is a blog about practical techniques to manage projects that can be used by most project managers (July).
  18. Agile Product and Project Management Blog: Rick Gessner and Eric Krock lead a blog that focuses on agile, scrum and hybrid methodology insights (August).
  19. APMG-International: APMG-International accredits training organizations, trainers and training materials and certify examination candidates through a variety of methods. Their regional offices are located in Australia, China, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Malaysia, the United States and the United Kingdom (August).
  20. Public sector pm: Resources are tight and the public sector is being forced to transform at an unprecedented rate, just to maintain current service levels. Effective project and program management lies at the heart of successful business change. This blog aims to identify and celebrate best practice in the UK (November).

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