7 Essential Web Resources for Project Managers

Published by admin on Thu January 7, 2010

A project manager is a professional that is related to the field of project management. He generally shares responsibility of the planning, execution, and closing any project associated to field of construction, architecture, computer networking, telecommunications and software development. Below a list for useful resources for project managers is provided.

  1. Basecamp: It is the top most web based project collaboration tool that is trusted by millions of people and can perform arduous tasks like sharing files, meeting deadlines, assigning tasks, centralized feedback. It daily helps to the world’s most respected brands, small businesses, non profit organizations and entrepreneurs to run their project safely and in cordial manner.
  2. AMS Consulting:  It is a full service management consulting firm that provides consulting, training and assessment of client’s business performance from a project management preview. It provides services into the core sectors and areas like business analysis, business development, professional development and project management. For a long period of time it is serving to fortune 100/500 companies, medium seized business including government departments and agencies.
  3. APM.org: This organization is running on its basic core and concept of developing and promoting the professional disciplines of project and programme management for the public utility and benefit. It is one type of professional body in Europe having 500 corporate and 17,500 individual members through out the Europe.  All topics there are based upon the concept of five Dimensions of Professionalism like breadth, depth, achievement, commitment and accountability.
  4. Project Magazine: This website is devoted to practical knowledge and learning of project management. The site is not only devoted to general ideas about project management but also provides sequential knowledge to initiating, planning, executing, monitoring & counseling and finally closing a project management. The site’s self improvement center provides learning and ideas about leadership skills, business awareness, time management, personal finance, job seekers, leisure reading, free magazines and white papers.
  5. Maxwideman: It is a Wideman Education Foundation (“WEF” 2007) that is a registered charity tax-exempt under the Canadian Federal Government Income Tax Act. It organizes project competition to have high school students a basic learning in project management skills and experience.  It develops in capable students feeling of teamwork and leadership that benefit both families and communities. Thus it is developing seeds of future project ready workforce.
  6. PMI.org:  It is the world’s one of the leading organization that run on non profit basis for project management professionals and has half a million members and  credentials in 185 countries. It is known for wider base and globally recognized standards and practices, extensive research programs and professional development chances and opportunities. Expertise provided at PMI.org plays a greater role in governments, organizations, academia and industries. It also has professional award and PMI Educational foundation to carry out things in radical and in appropriate manner.
  7. E-Programme:  This website is a great help for professional ranging from a wider spectrum from people world wide involved in all sorts of management program. This website caters to almost definitions of project management but is primarily related to management of portfolio of projects which can make a change in organizational routines. Here you would not only learn about project management techniques and tool but can have opinion from a number of sections  as provided in the website like Articles, Blogs, Books, Events, Forum, Jobs and profile, etc.

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