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Published by Madison on Fri April 9, 2010

Project management, knowledge management and other management skills are topping the list of requirements for many project managements jobs today as employers seek individuals who can plan, organize and manage resources. The following list may help you stay on top of these requirements, as the 50 project management blogs listed here are written by the best in the field. To narrow down that field, we included only the blogs that were updated within the last week of March forward.

There are three categories in this list, and they are focused on individuals who write about project management, blogs produced by businesses that sell software and other tools for project management, and several blogs with a special focus, such as women or students. Each blog is listed alphabetically by the blog title within these categories.

Planning and feedback loops in Extreme ProgrammingProject Management Blogs

  1. Back of the Napkin Blog: Dan Roam believes that any problem can be solved with a picture, and that anybody can draw it.
  2. Brad Egeland: Brad has 23 years of IT and business management experience, of which 17+ years are enterprise project management experience.
  3. Eric D. Brown: Eric talks about technology, strategy, people and projects.
  4. Fear No Project: Bruce McGraw shares his thoughts and experiences on issues that affect project managers and the world of project management.
  5. Guerilla Project Management: Enjoy a wide variety of posts gathered from across the Web that focus on project management.
  6. Herding Cats: Glen Alleman provides ideas, comments and resources for readers who are interested in project management.
  7. Leading Answers: Mike Griffiths is an independent project manager, trainer and consultant.
  8. PM Karma: Sreejith shares his passions in project management, planning, management systems development and more.
  9. PM Think! This long-running blog talks about the latest in project and portfolio management. Several authors contribute, including Jerry Manas.
  10. Project Management Blog: Joao Almeida, a project manager professional and certified trainer, provides project management news and discussions.
  11. Project Shrink Blog: Bas de Baar discusses project leadership in a global and virtual world through his popular blog and video podcast.
  12. Project Steps: Stephen Seay has been a project manager in the IT/Telecom industries for almost 20 years.
  13. Quantmleap: Shim Marom, a project manager, shares his collection of thoughts about project management, among other things.
  14. Scott Berkun: Scott’s work as a writer and public speaker has appeared in major publications. His books include Making Things Happen and The Myths of Innovation.
  15. Stepping into Project Management: This “newbie” is an assistant project manager traces his journey from student to job in this blog.
  16. The Critical Path: Derek Huether, a certified project manager, offers free project management information, advice and templates.
  17. The Lazy Project Manager: Author of the book by the same name as the site, Peter Taylor offers his thoughts on project management.
  18. The Tao of Project Management: If you want to learn the Taoist way to project management, tap into John Carroll’s blog.
  19. Work Matters: Robert Sutton is Professor of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford and the author of The No Asshole Rule.

Microsoft Project 2000, showing a Gantt chartBusiness, Software and Certification Blogs

  1. Agile Project Management: Patrick Merg is an Agile project manager who creates, sells, and delivers business software solutions.
  2. CaseySoftware: CaseySoftware features dotProject hosting and maintenance specially designed for small development groups.
  3. Deep Fried Brain: This is a PM certification blog focused on resources, tips and study notes.
  4. Dennis McDonald’s Weekly Top Ten: Turn to this site to learn more about project management in technology through various Web sites.
  5. Gantthead: Dave Garrett, president and CEO of, is dedicated to creating value for the project management community.
  6. How to Manage a Camel: This is a project management and recruitment blog maintained by the Arras People.
  7. Journyx Project Management Blog: Journyx, the creator of Web-based tools for project accounting, offers a blog on how to manage your projects.
  8. Mark Phillips: Mark is the product manager and lead spokesperson for Vertabase, a Web project management software company.
  9. Papercut Edge: Geoff Crane offers a blog that reflects the use of Papercut project management software.
  10. Paul Pondering: Paul Rasmussen talks about time management using a variety of software.
  11. Pawel Brodzinski on Software Project Management: This blog is dedicated to project management, software development, team building, managing a software company and more.
  12. PM Hut: Read information on topics that range from certification to time management and training.
  13. PMAlliance Project Management Blog: PMAlliance offers project management consulting, project management training and project office development services.
  14. PMcrunch: Learn about online project management, PM soft skills and the certification process.
  15. Crush The PM Exams Blog: This PM certification blog discussing the best resources, study materials, and study tips.
  16. Project Management That Works! Rick A. Morris, PMP, is an ITIL Practitioner, consultant, author, mentor, and owner of R2 Consulting.
  17. Projects@Work: This blog focuses on certificates and software at the professional level.
  18. ProjectManager Blog: Learn about procurement management, project manager roles and more from this business site.
  19. The @task Blog: @task is committed to building and delivering the most secure, reliable and responsive project and portfolio management solution around.
  20. The Enlightened Manager Blog: Cheri Baker is the owner of Emergence Consulting, an Organizational Development Consulting firm based near Seattle, WA.
  21. Voices on Project Management: Voices on Project Management is the place for all things project management, provided by the Project Management Institute.

NASA's illustration showing high impact risk areas for the International Space Station.Project Management for Special Interests

  1. A Girl’s Guide to Project Management: Elizabeth Harrin, author of Project Management in the Real World, focuses her blog on women and project management.
  2. A Path to Peace: Margaret Meloni, helps professionals become free from the work-related conflict that prevents them from having good working relationships.
  3. Earth PM: This blog is focused on project management and sustainability regarding climate change, resource preservation and “green.”
  4. Noop.NL: Jurgen is a writer, speaker, developer, entrepreneur, manager, blogger, reader, dreamer, leader, freethinker and a serial business owner.
  5. PM Bistro: Chalyce and Jen cover a lot of ground in this blog about project management.
  6. PM Podcast: Cornelius Fichtner, PMP, is the host of this show and blog.
  7. pmStudent: Josh Nankivel founded pmStudent in 2006 to help himself and others learn more about project management as a discipline and career.
  8. The Cranky Product Manager: The Cranky Product Manager is a fictional product management professional at a fictional enterprise software vendor named DysfunctoSoft. Enjoy the stories.
  9. The Green PM: Jhaymee Wilson is a passionate female project management expert and advocate for global sustainability.
  10. The Project Management Podcast: This is a project management Internet radio show and discussion forum as well as a blog.

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