MA in Project Management

The Master of Arts degree in Project Management will provide you with the skills required to manage a variety of complex projects of all kinds. Is the project on schedule, on budget, and meeting the needs of the client? These are all questions answered by the project manager, who ensures that each piece of the project is working together towards the goal of completion.

Career Outlook & Salaries with This Degree

Over the last decade, individuals associating themselves as a project manager have grown as companies realize that the new complexities of multinational and multicultural projects require professional supervision. Membership in the Project Management Institute has more than quadrupled from 1999 to 2005 and continues to grow. Salaries for project managers depend on a variety of factors, including education, experience, and geographic location. Survey data suggests that the average project manager salary in the United States is $88,000. Project managers work in any industry that requires complex projects, and it can be argued that the project manager is needed in most any large or medium sized business. The industries that employ project managers the most include the construction, software, biotechnology, government, and automobile industries.

Job Responsibilities with This Degree

The responsibility of the project manager is simple–ensure that the project is on time, within its budget, and achieving the goals established before the project began. The project manager is really an individual that works in several jobs simultaneously, including a budget analyst, scheduler, and business manager. Project managers prepare complex schedules, prepare budget reports, and lead team meetings to ensure a cohesive approach to the project.

Course Requirements and Prerequisites for Earning This Degree

Many universities that offer the MA degree require that the student have a bachelor’s degree. Courses in the MA degree program could include Risk Management, Planning, Ethics, and Statistics.

Online Masters of Arts in Project Management Degree Programs

Top Master of Project Management Degrees

Project managers are relied on to plan and execute projects within a wide variety of industries, including computer networking/IT, construction, software development, telecommunications, and more. Typically, project managers should have at least a four-year bachelor's degree, but employers usually prefer a master's degree (either an MS, MA, or MBA). The schools below all offer accredited online degree programs specializing in project management.

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