MBA in Project Management

The MBA in Project Management degree is generally a solid fit for established business professionals who understand the necessity in virtually any business setting to adhere to both time and budgetary guidelines. Students looking to advance their careers will find that a typical MBA in Project Management merges a general advanced business education with the skills and education needed to advance as a quality project manager in today’s business environment.

Career Outlook & Salaries with This Degree

Students who graduate with an MBA in Project Management will meet the necessary criteria needed to help advance their career and move into a role as a mid- or high-level – specifically the opportunity to become a valued project manager. Project managers are often responsible for the organization and overall guidance of various projects, and are expected to balance the needs of the company, its personnel, and any clientele involved as needed. Project managers with significant work experience and relevant MBA training can expect to earn a salary approaching six figures.

Job Responsibilities with this Degree

Many industries are seeking skilled managers with experience leading and growing teams, increasing output, and directing project goals on the short- and long-term scale. Moreover, today’s business settings are highly competitive and resource scarce, with a premium put on technological skills and efficiency training. Project managers in particular will be expected to achieve cost-effective, efficient results.

Course Requirements and Prerequisites for Earning this Degree

Coursework as part of an MBA in Project Management program may include marketing, domestic and international business operations, finance, business strategy, leadership, contracts, and various project management-centric courses. Other coursework may focus on business ethics, managing teams, and research methods. A bachelor’s degree is a standard requirement, and students at many universities will often be able to complete such a program and earn their advanced degree in fewer than two years as a part-time student.

Online MBA in Project Management Degree Programs

Top Master of Project Management Degrees

Project managers are relied on to plan and execute projects within a wide variety of industries, including computer networking/IT, construction, software development, telecommunications, and more. Typically, project managers should have at least a four-year bachelor's degree, but employers usually prefer a master's degree (either an MS, MA, or MBA). The schools below all offer accredited online degree programs specializing in project management.

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