MS in IT – Project Management

A Master of Science in Information Technology degree with a specialization in Project Management is generally geared toward working professionals who are looking to expand upon their existing experience in the IT field. This degree brings a highly-desired management and business leadership component to the respective career paths of IT professionals looking to advance their careers.

Career Outlook & Salaries with This Degree

Students will leave their MS in IT, with a specialization in Project Management, program prepared for mid- to high-level management positions. While the IT industry is wrought with skilled professionals, it has become further necessary that those experienced pros have a thorough understanding of the management of people, projects, and business operations. This degree seeks to give graduates the opportunity meld both aspects of their present – and future – careers.

Job Responsibilities with this Degree

Students completing an MS in IT degree, with a specialization in Project Management will take with them an in-depth understanding of various project management skills. These personnel will be able to – in their career environments – handle issues related to risk management, contracts, time and cost analysis, as well as interpersonal management. Negotiation and other communication techniques will be of particular importance.

Course Requirements and Prerequisites for Earning this Degree

Most students who embark on an MS in IT degree, with a specialization in Project Management, are expected to have a bachelor degree and necessary work experience in a related field – most typically either in a direct form of business leadership or information technology itself. Students with IT field experience are generally given priority, especially those with networking, MIS, CIS, and IS experience. At some institutions, students without such experience can still seek entry into such programs if they can showcase relevant work experience that details aptitude and skill.

Top Master of Project Management Degrees

Project managers are relied on to plan and execute projects within a wide variety of industries, including computer networking/IT, construction, software development, telecommunications, and more. Typically, project managers should have at least a four-year bachelor's degree, but employers usually prefer a master's degree (either an MS, MA, or MBA). The schools below all offer accredited online degree programs specializing in project management.

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