MSM – Project Management

Students entering a typical Master of Science in Management advanced degree program, with a Specialization in Project Management, do so with the desire to enhance their ability to use relevant contemporary techniques for controlling the cost, timeliness, and effective output of a project, as well as manage quality control, legal and ethical, and risk issues associated with various projects befitting of today’s global business community.

Career Outlook & Salaries with This Degree

Students entering – and ultimately graduating – with a Master of Science in Management with a Specialization in Project Management may be at any number of stages in their career. Entry-, mid- and high-level opportunities as project managers will likely be available, specifically in industries requiring innovative and efficient approaches in their individual job settings. Information technology, aerospace, and construction highlight a few of the industries most positively served by graduates with an MS in Management degree that focuses on Project Management. Some manufacturing project managers can expect to earn north of six figures, while IT project managers and construction project managers may make between $75,000 and $85,000 with such a degree under their belt.

Job Responsibilities with this Degree

Serving in the role of a project manager upon completing a typical MS in Management with a Specialization in Project Management program, graduates will be able to accurately schedule and budget projects of virtually any scale, utilizing current technology to address and correct issues, set mid-term and end goals, all while providing accurate metrics throughout.

Course Requirements and Prerequisites for Earning this Degree

Students are expected to have a bachelor’s degree and relevant work experience for most the prototypical MS in Management with a Specialization in Project Management degree. Those students without prior coursework in finance or statistical analysis may be expected to complete various prerequisites, while core coursework throughout the actual program of study may include managerial decision making, financial decision making, and organizational theory.

Online MSM – Project Management Degree Programs

Top Master of Project Management Degrees

Project managers are relied on to plan and execute projects within a wide variety of industries, including computer networking/IT, construction, software development, telecommunications, and more. Typically, project managers should have at least a four-year bachelor's degree, but employers usually prefer a master's degree (either an MS, MA, or MBA). The schools below all offer accredited online degree programs specializing in project management.

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